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About Shayan Richet

Horses are the noblest conquest of men and we would not be where we are today without them. We have used horses since the dawn of the time for gain, whether in warfare, prosperity or stature. In many ways today they still provide for us in many areas of our lives, as they have throughout the centuries. For some, horses are still here to help us in our daily tasks or livelihood, while others they help us achieve goals in competitive riding, art or companionship. Once horses have touched our soul, they will accompany us throughout our journey on Earth.


Some of us see ourselves riding and competing in Dressage, while others have a passion for reining, jumping, Classical Dressage, stunt riding or just having a good time on trails. I do not have a religion when it comes to riding disciplines or breeds of horses. I have helped many riders to achieve their dreams. My approach is to break down the information and make it available to anyone with a true interest in our equine companions


I started riding at an early age. My first real instructor was a retired colonel of the prestigious Cadre Noir of Saumur in France. He was very strict, but an excellent instructor. 

In 1986, I came to the Netherlands and started stunts with horses in Land Van Ooit, a theme park. After, I joined a Belgium how team with PRE's (Spanish horses) and soon started my own exhibitions and clinics throughout the Netherlands and Belgium from 1997 until 2004. I traveled to South Africa to get my private helicopter license and upon my return to the Netherlands I focused on classical dressage with a couple of excellent PRE stallions I owned.

In 2005, I came to the United States, to Florida, to complete a commercial helicopter license and instrument rating. After completion, I traveled to Chesapeake, VA and met a wonderful person that became my wife. I decided to remain in the US and help dedicated riders and their horses to achieve their goals.

I have spent the majority of my life in Europe where I have been influenced by many accomplished horsemen who left their mark in history. Some of my inspirations and philosophy regarding training come from various origins such as  literature from La Gueriniere, Pluvinel, Steinbrecht, Alois Podhajsky, Nuno Oliveira, Egon Von Neindorff and a very special horseman I saw many years ago, for whom I always had great respect and admiration, Mario Luraschi. A man with a vision who revolutionized just about everything for horses in the movie industry. Some other riders here in the US, I came to respect in their discipline are Bob Avila, Sandy Collier, Craig Schmersal and Shawn Flarida. All well versed in Reining.


Equine literature is a great source of knowledge, but I believe that a certain level of horsemanship should be accomplished before venturing in advance equine literature. Reading too much too soon can be detrimental even frustrating. In due time, it is a great asset.

I always been eager to learn more and still do. I strongly believe that we should always be open minded and never stop learning. I am honored to have friends like Alex Willms, whose family has been into the world of horses for more than seven generations. Alex is always eager to share his vast knowledge, his wife Lili, a wonderful woman, and truly accomplished rider and their daughter Sylvie carrying on the tradition have taught me many great things. Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu, who was a member of the Cadre Noir of Saumur, is great man with a wonderful sense of humor and has an extensive equine knowledge. I had the pleasure and honor to meet a close friend of his a few years back, Jean Louis Guntz.  A quiet man with an extraordinary personality who has been part of the Cadre Noir for 45 year, and is now retired. 

I always strive to establish a good relationship with all the horses that come my way to give them a solid Dressage foundation. Dressage is a French word which simply means training in obedience. It helps the horse develop mentally, his attitude and willingness as well as their physical aptitude in balance, strength, stamina and endurance. I believe that a horse and rider with a strong foundation in Dressage have the potential to commit to any other chosen discipline that is best suited for that horse. Trained in this philosophy, the results are rewarding and the goals achieved. The key is to teach in such a way that the horse finds the tasks easy to do and for short periods as to not overwhelm the horse. They can only focus for few minutes at the time. If we find things easy to do, we do not mind doing them again. The same is true when training horses. Simple to complex. The results are nothing short of amazing regardless the discipline. In the end we all want a well behaved, sane horse with a great personality in the best physical condition for a s long as possible and enjoy life together for a while. We are what we do and some of our dreams, horses and knowledge will live on.

Training Philoshophy

I school horses with understanding, not by force. A good relationship is therefore paramount. Horses are in many ways like young children or young puppies mentally. Horses needs structure and healthy routines in their lives just like children do. My desire is to accomplish the most while making it relatively easy for the horse to understand as to not create sourness. I like to think of myself as a teacher. A teacher should be open minded, knowledgeable, understanding, trusting, patient, calm, strict when necessary, encouraging, considerate, and true to himself and values. Nothing beautiful has ever been achieved through force. A beautiful statue is not achieved with a sledge hammer but chisels, revealing bit by bit the beauty within. I school horses to achieve balance, flexibility, suppleness, maneuverability, stamina and endurance. Building a strong athlete, able to enhance the horse's talent in a suited discipline. I train owners to ride their horse with proper balance, seat, stability and educated hands. This achieves the highest connection between the horse and the rider allowing for trust and understanding. Everyone has different aspirations when it comes to riding horses and I am here to help you reach those goals. My approach is a no nonsense one. I break down the information and make it available for anyone with a true interest in our equine companions.  

Our Facilities


I am currently operating out of a small privately owned facility located in Davis, California. Where the horses come first in every way . Feed and hay are personalized for each horse's needs. Farrier service and veterinary care are always top priorities. Turn out is a must for our horses to be able to express themselves when not in training and  ample trails to build a sane mind. 


For more information about lessons, training, clinics and events please see  Contact.

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