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Lesson Testimonials

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Kuan & Red
Dawn & Lucy: Jennifer & Esperanza
Jennifer & Esperanza
Solomon & Shere Khan
Christy & Max
Yanlin & Maxx
David & Lucy
Cheryl & Maxx

"He draws the best out of every person, promotes talent and shares successes. He quickly became a shining example and excellent role model for my daughter in every aspect of horseback riding from taking care of the horse to taking pride in everything she did. Shayan is also an amazing teacher. He clearly communicates expectations and notes strengths to better improve his student's performance. I honestly believe that he can truly get the best out of any student and/or horse for that matter. I've personally seen him train horses so completely that I can barely recognize them as being the same horse."

Debra Gutekunst, Angel Gutekunst & Missy

"I used to learn riding in China for 3 years and in UC Davis riding teams for several quarters, but I still couldn’t canter at that time. When I almost decided to give up riding due to my fear of horses and untalented performance, fortunately, I knew Shayan and started my lessons from him. Different from the other coaches I met before, Shayan knows his students well and really cares about his students’ improvements. "


Yanlin Dong & Shere Khan

3 May 2011

Scott C.Cottrell Colonel,USMC(Ret)

Cottrell's Farriery

930 Forest Lakes Drive

Chesapeake, VA23322

Cell: 7578808935

Subject: Letter of Recommendation SHAYAN RICHET


To Whom it MayConcern,
        I'm writing this letter to give you, a prospective employer, my opinion regarding Shayan's character, abilities, and potential service to you. Shayan is clearly one of the best horsemen I've ever seen, and I grew up around some very accomplished stockmen. I would unhesitatingly trust Shayan to effectively run any type of horse operation.

        I recently retired from the Marine Corps after 28 years ofservice, attaining the rank of Colonel. Prior to attending college and joining the Corps, I was raised training &, shoeing horses, growing up working at a Riding Academy, and then spent time as a Teamster in Point Barrow, Alaska to finance college prior to joining the Marine Corps to "see the world." Upon retirement from the Marine Corps in 2010, I began a now successful part-time farrier service. I give you this background to emphasize that I know both horses and people very well.

         I first met Shayan just before retiring from the Corps in mid 2010. The barn Shayan rode for also boarded dogs; one day, as I was dropping off my dog, Iwent for a walk around the facility and noticed immediately the first rate condition of the horses, both physically, and behaviorally. There was something special about this barn; later I was to learn that some of this "specialness" was due to the owner who is a very special Lady, but much of it was due to Shayan.

          Shayan was responsible for training the horses, providing riding instruction to students and generally managed the horse operations at the facility (Blue Sky Farms). All the horses in the barn were absolutely the best behaved, best trained, most well-mannered horses I'd ever seen ...later while working their hoof care, I couldn't help but notice that they were entirely comfortable with me handling them. I could approach them from any direction with no alarm, they were exceptionally well-trained, totally trusting, and not a bit head-shy. That level of trust is hard to develop, especially in a working instructional operation - I know this because I grew up working in one. Something very special was happening at Blue SkyFarms.


          Complementing his peerless horsemanship are his outstanding teaching and communication skills. His students were very well schooled, not only in horsemanship, but also in their philosophical love for horses and their ability to relate to them. As a father with three kids, I would unhesitatingly put my children under his knowledgeable tutelage.


          As my part-time business expanded to include other barns, I found out that the majority of these owners knew Shayan and had either taken lessons from him or had otherwise benefited from his advice; to this day I still hear about Shayan "this" or Shayan "that."


         If you haven't yet had the opportunity to be around Shayan, he is that rare breed that is affectionately labeled as a "character." Shayan is colorful, opinionated, and will work his heart out for you, and your horses - their welfare will always be at the forefront of his concerns. He also has the ability to look beyond the day's concerns into long-term, potential outcomes of current issues/problems/actions.


         In short, if I had the opportunity to hire Shayan; Iwould do so in a heartbeat extremely confident that he has a unique combination of knowledge, abilities, and horse sense; and that Icould trust him with my horses, my students, and my business.

Scott Cottrell


Col USMC (Ret)

" I have learned more from you in four lessons then I knew in a lifetime of riding. I was told I may never ride again due to a horrible accident several years ago. I am now riding with confidence. I am able to ride bareback without a bridle and loving it. You are an inspirational teacher who knows how to communicate and push your students to achieve goals they never thought they would attain."

Jeannine Foster & Echoes of Rembrandt 

" I have seen him (Shayan) train many horses and he makes it look so effortless. Though he makes it look effotless he can explain it in words  everyone can understand and the most important how it is supposed to feel, which is very difficult some times to do."


Ryan Little & Remy

"  He goes above and beyond as a trainer by listening to what his students’ needs." 

Charyl Silva & Fandango

" I had lost alot of confidence in my riding ability and had serious canter issues. Together with a well trained horse (Missy), and his (Shayan) ability to teach me to ride by sitting "into" the horse and not "on" the horse by the end of ten lessons, I was trotting and cantering without stirrups and reins"


Suzanne Cartwright & Bailey

" Even if you're 71 years old... My dream came true because Shayan would not give up on me ."


Jean Isom & Aladdinn 

" Shayan and I first worked on my balance and posture. He used many unique ways of teaching so I was able to start feeling confident and safe on the horse during my first lesson. " 


Yu Sato & Maxx

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