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Theory Lessons

$100 per session

As in any profession or serious sport, theory is an integral part of the teaching/learning process. A surgeon without adequate and proficient knowledge of the anatomy of the species, procedures and techniques would unlikely be the one we would call upon. Horses do not have the ability to scrutinize beforehand their rider. Riders should try to be as best informed as they possibly could to avoid learning by trial and error. Horses are living entities and therefore command our consideration on the matter. Theory is what helps us make sense of what we desire to learn, acquire invaluable knowledge and progress at a faster pace. The theory lessons I provide are essential to become a better informed rider regarding the bio-mechanics of the horse, reading their behavior. Provide the rider with a much better understanding of the tack and equipment that is used or required to achieve certain facets of training. How to use proper weight distribution relating to body position as well as balance and cues while performing exercises. The information is relevant for many disciplines including Dressage, show jumping and reining.  By attending theory lessons, there will be no more guess work. The information is very visual and easily assimilated. Clarity to communicate the information to the horse is vital. If our intentions are not clear, how do we expect our horses to understand? Being clear and concise, will allow the rider to efficiently help the horse understand our intentions. Theory lessons are vital to become an adequate, proficient and educated horse rider. 

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